Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Therapy Dog
(972) 275-6211

I believe a snack and a nap can completely change your day. Work hard, play hard, always greet people with enthusiasm, learn new tricks no matter how old you are, trust your instincts, love unconditionally, forgive quickly, look at life with curiosity and wonder, find joy in the small things, and always let others know how much you love them!

Dr. Dina Hijazi

(214) 432-0512

I have committed my professional career to serving the psychological, social and emotional needs of my clients. As a licensed psychologist, my clinical practice focuses on the holistic treatment of relationships, including individual and couples therapy, family conflict, trauma and addiction.

Rev. Daniel Gowan

(972) 267-2800

I began my counseling career in ministry and use this background to integrate spiritual principles into helping clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their partner and other important people in their lives. I offer private counseling to individuals, couples, families and groups.

Jacqueline Katz

(214) 432-0516

I am an experiential therapist utilizing Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to work with clients who are dealing with shock and pervasive trauma. This includes trauma related issues of post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, codependency as well as somatic symptomology.

Kari Knott

(972) 275-6211

For the past 20 years, I’ve devoted my career to supporting individuals navigating through the complexities of mental health. My first experience was in the role of a parent trainer and advocate for children and families in the foster care system. From there, I spent a decade as a lead therapist and program manager in the behavioral health hospital system. My passion lies in assisting clients grappling with depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship or parenting concerns. 

Elyse Kitterman

(214) 432-0514

I have over 36 years of experience in the counseling field and am very passionate about helping people grow through their pain and suffering. I have worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, treatment centers, and for over 20+ years worked as one of the Employee Assistance Program Managers and Critical Response Team for American Airlines. Trauma and grief work, as they impact relationships, is a specialty of mine.

Jonathan Pruitt

(972) 275-6413

As a licensed therapist holding credentials as an LPC, LCDC, and NCC, with a master’s degree in counseling psychology from SMU, I am dedicated to guiding individuals towards holistic healing and personal growth. With specialized training in EMDR and ongoing pursuit of CSAT certification, my passion lies in empowering clients to overcome obstacles and realize their full potential.

Cara Waters

My passion is working with trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction and LGBTQ issues.

I have a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Amberton University, and I am licensed by the state of Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate supervised by Daniel Gowan, LPC-S. I take an active and engaged approach in helping people grow.

Jackie Junger

My background as a social worker focuses on client systems and clients within their environment. I received my master’s degree in social work with a focus on trauma work from Yeshiva University. I have always been passionate about individuals finding their unique qualities and honing in on their strengths. Everyone has the capacity to change, be resilient, and grow. Using a strengths-based approach mixed with modalities that best suit each client can lead to a beautiful result.

Bernice Curry

(972) 275-6019

My specialties are intimate relationships and individual personal growth. My work with couples primarily involves developing meaningful communication, deeper intimacy, an enhanced sex life and a renewed sense of connection between partners. I also work with individuals who are experiencing grief, trauma or loss relating to relationship break ups, infidelity, divorce or bereavement. The therapeutic approach of my practice is effective for Christian Counseling but equally applicable for persons of all faith backgrounds.

Bernice Curry

(972) 275-6404

I entered the field of counseling to help people from a variety of diverse backgrounds heal from past experiences to be able to live more authentic lives that are aligned with their own personal values. I find tremendous meaning in walking alongside my clients as they navigate through both challenging times and times filled with joy.

I received my Masters of Science in Counseling through Southern Methodist University. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) in the state of Texas. I also have been trained in EMDR and Gottman levels I & II for Couples Therapy.

Bernice Curry

I am a dedicated and compassionate therapist with a profound love for empowering individuals through the therapeutic journey. At the core of my practice is a commitment to support and accept each person on their unique path to personal growth and healing.

In my work with children and youth, I take a holistic approach to helping them flourish. I see each child as a unique individual, using different kinds of tools to help them in their own special way. I use play and games to make learning fun, a bit like putting puzzle pieces together. In our time together, I make sure each child feels heard and understood.

Kerrigan Spangler

Office Manager

I have over 5 years of administrative experience in the legal and government fields. I decided to make the switch to a counseling office because the area of mental health is one that is important to me and close to my heart.

I look forward to greeting all our clients and building strong relationships. I received my Master of Science in Sociology and Business Administration from the University of North Texas in 2017. In my free time you can find me playing with my pets, reading, doing crossword puzzles or at the farmer’s market.

(972) 275-6413

Office Manager

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