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Finding Solace in Grief: Compassionate Counseling Services at D2 Counseling

In the face of loss, grief can cast a shadow on every aspect of life, making each day a challenge. At D2Counseling, we understand the profound impact of grief and offer a compassionate space for individuals to navigate the complex emotions that accompany loss.

Experiencing grief can feel like an uphill battle. Instead of facing it alone, grief counseling provides a dedicated space for you to express your emotions, share your memories, and find support. Our therapists specialize in providing empathetic guidance, acknowledging the unique nature of each grief journey.

In grief counseling, we recognize the weight of your emotions, expressing understanding and compassion. Together, we work through the stages of grief, offering strategies to cope with loss and fostering resilience. Our therapists create a safe environment for you to mourn, remember, and ultimately find a path towards healing.

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Elyse Kitterman

(214) 432-0514

I have over 36 years of experience in the counseling field and am very passionate about helping people grow through their pain and suffering. I have worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, treatment centers, and for over 20+ years worked as one of the Employee Assistance Program Managers and Critical Response Team for American Airlines. Trauma and grief work, as they impact relationships, is a specialty of mine.

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