"I have grown more in the past year of group than in all the decades of therapy I've had before. I've come to really trust my group to give me the feedback that helps me change."

"The couples workshop was great. We thought we were pretty good communicators because that's what we both do for a living. Dina and Daniel taught us how to really understand what we were both trying to say."

"My husband and I always get stuck in the same place on the same disagreements. In that workshop we learned why and what to do about it. Thanks Dina and Daniel!"

"We struggled over some really simple arguments. What we found out is that we were just doing the same thing over and over because we did not know how to do it different. We learned the skills in the couples workshop to move past that."

"What a difference from a few years ago. She came home and said '[My counselor] is like magic. How does she know everything?' Thank you for meeting with her."

“Of all the trainings that I have done in my career, this workshop was by far the most impactful and healing. Without having done the workshop, it would be safe to say that my wife and I would not have the tools to work through our issues of our marriage. It has given us a new perspective of our relationship and what matters to us in moving forward. It was well worth the time and the investment.”