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What Our Clients Say

“You’re helping me grow on my journey and I’m really starting to notice some significant changes in myself. And I like what I’m seeing.”

"We are very pleased with our progress with you. Your ability to cut to the heart of it so quickly is astounding. Thank you."

"The tension and anxiety I've had in my body has almost completely gone, and It's only because of me being in this group."

"I was able to sit across from my mother and not react. I wouldn't have been able to do that with the support of this group."

"Thank you for reminding me to look at how far I have come! There have been many discoveries, dark places, dreams, experiences, and awakenings. The whole journey is the biggest mystery that I have ever experienced."

"Thank you for being there to guide me, help me see, and create new possibilities. You were the perfect person for me to be with in this transition!"

"I want to express our deep appreciation for the work you’ve done with us so far. You’ve provided us with a safe and supportive space to work through some challenging issues, and we are both grateful for the insights and tools you’ve given us to navigate our relationship."

D2 Counseling Can Help

No matter how much you’re currently struggling, it’s possible to heal, resolve conflict and truly thrive… and it can happen more quickly than you might think.

If you’re feeling alone, exhausted or barely holding it together, it’s still possible to move beyond the pain you’re in. Tried everything? With the help of our therapists it’s possible to lean in, do the work and create the deeper connections you long for. Our professional therapists aim to help you convert suffering into motivation and growth. We take a holistic and action-oriented approach to individual, relationship and couples counseling.