Therapy Dog
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I believe a snack and a nap can completely change your day. Work hard, play hard, always greet people with enthusiasm, learn new tricks no matter how old you are, trust your instincts, love unconditionally, forgive quickly, look at life with curiosity and wonder, find joy in the small things, and always let others know how much you love them!

My name is Peaches and I am thrilled to be a co-therapist with my mom, Kari Knott. I know that it can be tough to talk about some of the hard things that happen in life. My goal is to provide comfort, support while you’re in therapy and to help you stay grounded and present. I am a great listener, and I can also be a good distraction at times.

I have been training for over a year to be a therapy dog. I am an 18 month old Golden Retriever and have lots of energy. I can get super excited when meeting people, but I try hard to remember my manners. I just love meeting new people and seeing my friends each week when they come to counseling.

Research has shown that interacting with a therapy dog during counseling sessions can help lower blood pressure, help the body to create serotonin and oxytocin ( feel good chemicals), lower heart rate, decrease mood swings, and help people to remain grounded while processing trauma or difficult emotions. If you would like to incorporate a therapy dog into your treatment, please contact Kari Knott.