Couples Intimacy Workshop: Growing Up Together

Couples Intimacy Workshop: Growing Up Together!

Interactive One-Day Group Workshop

with Rev. Daniel Gowan, LCDC, LPC-S & Dr. Dina Hijazi, PhD, LSSP, CSAT

This workshop is for you if you’re looking to move beyond blaming and finger-pointing so you can identify your strengths as a couple and build on them. Learn how to manage your intense feelings without walling off or losing your temper. Discover how to grow your awareness of the roles you play with your partner and how to recognize what belongs to you and what belongs to your partner. Our goal is for you to walk away with the ability to recognize what patterns keep you stuck and what behaviors can facilitate reconnection and enhance intimacy.

Join us for an immersive and transformative couples workshop designed to explore and navigate the intricacies of relationship dynamics using the Karpman Drama Triangle. Led by Dr. Dina Hijazi, PhD and Rev. Daniel Gowan, this workshop provides a safe and supportive space for couples to deepen their understanding of communication patterns, foster empathy, and build healthier connections.

Workshop Highlights:

Karpman Drama Triangle Exploration:

  • Delve into the Karpman Drama Triangle, a model that illustrates common roles people unconsciously play in relationships – the Victim, the Rescuer, and the Persecutor. Understand how these roles can contribute to conflict and learn strategies to break free from these patterns.

Communication Skills Enhancement:

  • Learn effective communication techniques to express your needs and desires openly. Discover how to actively listen and validate your partner’s perspective, fostering a deeper connection and understanding.

Empowerment and Responsibility:

  • Explore the concept of personal responsibility within relationships. Empower each other to take ownership of individual feelings and needs, creating a foundation for mutual support and growth.

Conflict Resolution Strategies:

  • Acquire practical tools to navigate conflicts constructively. Identify triggers and learn de-escalation techniques to transform disagreements into opportunities for mutual understanding.

Building Emotional Resilience:

  • Cultivate emotional resilience individually and as a couple. Explore ways to cope with stress, manage emotions, and create a resilient partnership that can withstand life’s challenges.

Interactive Exercises and Group Discussions:

  • Engage in interactive exercises and group discussions to apply the workshop concepts in real-life scenarios. Share experiences, gain insights, and connect with other couples on a similar journey.

Professional Guidance:

  • Benefit from the expertise of experienced relationship therapists who will provide personalized guidance and support throughout the workshop. Receive practical tips and advice tailored to your unique relationship dynamics.

Invest in your relationship and join us for this empowering couples workshop. Rediscover the joy of connection, break free from destructive patterns, and create a foundation for a more fulfilling and harmonious partnership.

Workshop Fee is $900. Deposit to hold your spot is $400.00

Upcoming Date: May 11th, 2024

Couples Intimacy Workshop