We are living history. At a time when all of humanity is experiencing a global phenomenon as a collective, we have never felt further apart.

Society has seemingly settled into the pandemic routine: zoom calls, different protocols at work and school, and a new way of socializing, but exhaustion with using digital tools to stay in touch has left many feeling hollow rather than reconnected.

As a consequence, a second pandemic has been spreading around the globe: loneliness. Loneliness is a socio-cultural phenomenon with real biological consequences, including a correlation with both depression and anxiety, and it has become more pervasive over the last two years.

It may feel as if almost every conversation seems to drift towards discussing the pandemic, but the topic rarely ever then turns to discuss the deeper marks that this universal experience has left on us all.

Even in this unique time, acknowledging our common humanity can bring us together when a pandemic is keeping us apart. Common humanity is the understanding that struggling is universal. We are as much connected by our suffering as we are by our successes.

Society teaches us to put on a happy face due to the stigma surrounding loneliness and other mental health issues, so it’s no surprise that discussing our inner thoughts with others might be uncomfortable at the start. It takes vulnerability to outwardly acknowledge our struggles with loneliness, but that honesty is what often allows others to offer us support and ask for it in return.

We must allow ourselves to be vulnerable in order to reconnect, but how can we put that remedy into action?

Group therapy allows you to share your personal experiences in a way that empowers and validates your deeper self. By sharing your own story with the group, you become the author of a narrative in which you are strong and capable of progress. When others in the group share with you in return, a connection begins to grow in real-time. This acknowledgment of our common humanity is the way that we can move forward together.

With a team of counselors trained in a wide variety of specialties, including group therapy, D2 Counseling is here to guide you on your path to healing. We are ready to hear from you and start that journey today.