An affirmation links a described behavior to a character trait. Say with enthusiasm and celebration!

1. You finished the taxes! Look at what you’ve accomplished! You must feel proud of your perseverance and discipline!

2. I really appreciate the planning you’re doing. You’ve got such good organizational skills.

3. You have such an open mind. I really enjoy speaking with you.

4. I can see how you’re containing your emotions right now and I appreciate that. You’ve got such determination.

5. You really do look out for others at work. I value that quality in you.

6. When we talk you ask lots of questions. I can see that you’re a curious person who enjoys learning.

7. I notice your effort and focus, and I greatly appreciate that.

8. I see how you value yourself and others at the same time. That’s a skill I admire!

9. Your positive outlook brings out the best in me! You seem to be an optimistic person.

10. Thank you for adding to the laughter in this house. You’re so playful!

11. You’re getting so much done! You’re got great time management skills!

12. You’re a good trip planner and I really appreciate that! I see the time and energy you put into researching our options. Thank you!