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Empowered Workshop

Empowered! Family of Origin

“It’s always a case of mistaken identity.” —Pia Mellody

That which we do not heal from childhood we replay in adulthood.

This workshop is a 3 day intensive that investigates the origins of adult dysfunctional behaviors. In this revolutionary educational and experiential workshop participants learn to identify the childhood wounds which fuel adult dysfunction, i.e., depression, anxiety, addictions, eating disorders and relationship difficulties. The focus is not on blaming caregivers; but rather healing the trauma (defined as any less-than-nurturing events). The workshop is based on the groundbreaking work of Pia Melody and utilizes her treatment model.


Deposit is $500, please call for instructions or click below to pay by credit card

Our 2022 EMPOWERED! workshops are scheduled for:

  • May 6-7-8 – SOLD OUT
  • June 24-25-26 – SOLD OUT
  • July 15-16-17 – SOLD OUT
  • Aug 19-20-21 – SOLD OUT
  • Sept 2-3-4 – SOLD OUT
  • Sept 16-17-18 – SOLD OUT
  • Nov 4-5-6
  • Dec 9-10-11

Workshop Fee is $2,450.00. Deposit to hold your spot is $500.00.

Please let us know if you would like to be on the waiting list for one of these workshops, or would like to hear about upcoming dates.


Dates of Workshop

Couples Intimacy Intensive Workshop

Couples Intimacy Workshop: Growing Up Together

Interactive One-Day Group Workshop
with Rev. Daniel Gowan, LCDC, LPC-S & Dr. Dina Hijazi, PhD, LSSP, CSAT

Our 2022 Couples Intimacy Workshop workshops are scheduled for (Classes fill up quick):

  • July 9, 2022
  • Aug 6, 2022
  • Sept 10, 2022

This workshop is for you if you’re looking to move beyond blaming and finger-pointing so you can identify your strengths as a couple and build on them. Learn how to manage your intense feelings without walling off or losing your temper. Discover how to grow your awareness of the roles you play with your partner and how to recognize what belongs to you and what belongs to your partner. Our goal is for you to walk away with the ability to recognize what patterns keep you stuck and what behaviors can facilitate reconnection and enhance intimacy.

Workshop Fee is $2,500. Deposit to hold your spot is $750.00

Couples Intimacy Workshop

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