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Quality Therapy Improves Lives

Why wait to feel better? Counseling can help you implement positive changes in your life. Regain your life by talking to someone who can help you find the confidence and tools to make strides towards happiness!

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It is Possible to Heal!

If you're feeling alone, exhausted or barely holding it together, it's still possible to move beyond the pain you're in. Tried everything? With the help of our therapists it's possible to lean in, do the work and create the deeper connections you long for. Our professional therapists aim to help you convert suffering into motivation and growth. We take a holistic and action-oriented approach to individual, relationship and couples counseling.

Individual Therapy

Feeling self-aware, confident, and happy as an individual will help you grow and nurture relationships. Working with a one-on-one therapist will help you manage and cope with struggles you've been facing.

Couples Therapy

You and your significant other will work closely with our counselors to learn how to heal, grow and communicate effectively in your relationship.

Group Therapy

Don't face your challenges alone. Couples, families and other individuals may have experienced similar crises to what you've encountered. Group therapy with D2's expert relationship counselors will encourage your growth, facilitate healing and more.

Family Therapy

Family systems and relationships can suffer due to marital problems, addiction, child/adolescent/teen behavioral problems, trauma or betrayal. Your family will learn how to better communicate, resolve conflict, strengthen bonds and create life long loving techniques to grow and solidify the healthy family relationships you desire.

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