The ANS-R to Parenting (The 3 Competencies)
Affirm. Nurture. Set Limits. Repeat.

Doctors that focus on child therapy

There are 3 tasks involved in parenting: Affirm the child, Nurture the child and Set limits for the child. Then we repeat. Over and over.

Kids don’t come with an owners manual and most of us are left to pick up where our parents left off. Learn new skills to help raise our children in a loving way.

Learn and Hone Your Parenting Skills and Tools

  • Boundaries and Structure
  • Setting Limits and Consequences
  • Modifying Behavior
  • Learning to Nurture and Develop Creativity
  • Healthy Discipline (even when we are exhausted!!)
  • Getting Both Parents On The Same Page
  • Dealing With Defiance
  • Child Depression and Adolescent Depression- Hidden Diseases
  • Dealing With Divorce
  • Specialized Counseling
  • Adoption and Foster Parent Resources